About Me

Hi I’m Ally, I’m 32 years old. I married my husband in the summer of 2019 and we had our first baby during lockdown. We have 3 dogs(2 Labradors and a rescued lurcher) and we’ve just got the keys to our new home that needs renovating. Life can be pretty full on and hectic and whilst I love my family, loosing my sense of identity is something I often worry about. Writing helps clear my mind but I  think about it more than I actually put pen to paper! so Ive set up this space to put my thoughts down. Anything from poems, new recipes I’ve tried, house renovation ideas and adventures ( when we’re finally allowed out and about) in our converted camper-van, Max! I may just be talking to myself but if this blog helps/inspires/entertains or resonates with anyone else then that would be brilliant and i thank you for using your limited free time to read it, I really hope you enjoy!

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