A poem for my Daughter

Your story starts on a day like any other

The year however turned out like no other

Soon after we found out we’d be a family of three. 

The world went into lockdown for months you see

We had to put on hold all the things we had planned

Stay home, stay apart, even football got banned

But not all bad came from the global disaster 

We learned the true power of love, friendships and laughter

As my bump grew we couldn’t wait to meet you

Going to scans on my own

I felt all alone

Then you’d kick to say

That’s not true 

and I knew

I had you

Then the time came

While the peak of the virus swarmed all around us

your birthday you chose.

Ten little fingers and ten little toes

Two big blue eyes and a small button nose

In our bubble of love the world didn’t seem so bad 

As we went home to start our family life with dad

Some days may be long, tiresome and slow but the weeks go so fast it’s frightening how quickly you grow

We start the day with a big gummy smile 

Which makes the restless nights all the more worthwhile

It’s middle of winter, lockdown number three, apart from our daily walk

homes the only place we’re allowed to be

how I know I’ll miss these days where it’s just you and me

I still dream of better days to come 

where play dates and hugs are denied to none

And that’s why my darling you’ll be part of the story when they write of this year broken down into tiers

Where pain and loss were a plenty

They’ll say of our babies of twenty twenty 

You were our shining bright light in a year of endless dark nights

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